Cross Connection Control Program

This questionnaire is required by Virginia State Law, through the Virginia Department of Health.  Its purpose is to identify potential cross-connection problems and prevent your water from being inadvertently contaminated by you or other users.  Mariners Landing Water & Sewer Company has the primary responsibility for preventing substances from an unknown, questionable, or non-potable source from entering the public water supply.  However, the consumer, homeowner, or resident also shares in this responsibility and has the primary responsibility for preventing pollutants or contaminants from entering the residential piping system.  We appreciate the time you take to complete this questionnaire and thank you for returning it to us by December 30, 2014.  

A “cross connection” is an unprotected actual or potential piping or plumbing arrangement between a customer's residential piping system and the public water system through which a substance other than potable water could backflow into the public system.  The most common problems in a home are commode flush tank valves submerged in the tank, the connection of hoses or other devices to hose bibs that are not protected by a hose bib vacuum breaker, and the use of yard hydrants that have a drain hole underground.  Most homes can be adequately protected by applying an approved vacuum breaker on all hose bibs and through the installation of an anti-siphon flush valve.
Hoses left submerged in swimming pools, kitchen sinks, bath tubs, animal watering troughs, or having chemical sprayers attached to them while weed-killing are conditions that can be extremely hazardous.  Other potential hazards can apply if hoses are left lying on the ground where contaminants such as fertilizer, garden chemicals, or other liquids can be siphoned into the hose and into the home.
Frost proof yard hydrants drain into the ground when turned off.  The drain hole underground could allow contaminated groundwater to be siphoned into the home.  An approved backflow device installed on the line feeding the hydrants will provide adequate protection but is expensive.  An alternative is to just plug the hole or pipe the drain to daylight.
​ All inside and outside hose bibs except those for dishwashers and washing machines will require vacuum breakers.  Vacuum breakers may prevent hose bibs and frost proof yard hydrants from draining.  Please read manufacturers’ recommendations for winter draining or purchase the frost-proof type that self-drain.

Your cooperation is needed for us to have an effective program to eliminate cross connections in our water systems.  Please complete the form below and submit by December 30, 2014. We appreciate our customers and strive to provide excellent customer service and safe, reliable water. Please contact us if you have any questions. 540-297-9393 or

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