^ Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  
°Cabana Fitness:  One-time non-refundable $25 key fee.
Family: paying adult, spouse and up to 4 immediate family children (age 5-21).  

If membership lapses, a new application fee ($75/family; $50/single) will apply to resume membership at a later date.

Questions?  Email Info@MLCALM.com or call 540-297-9393.

​Call for information on monthly draft rates (540) 297-9393
This policy displaces all prior agreements or offers. 

CAL​M, Inc.

Pointe amenities include:  outdoor pools, lawn, beach, ramp and fishing pier.

Cabana amenities include:  indoor pools, outdoor pools, walking trails, tennis, indoor multi-sport simulator and Xbox game room, fitness center °, playground, sand volleyball court, fishing pier, beach, ramp.